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​​Understanding the weak links in your systems and fixing ! 


Prevention Advisors help create a robust Asset Protection and Security posture to help you protect your Business, your Assets, and your People.

With the seriousness of Today's risks and vulnerabilities, the decisions and precautions you take can impact your business for years to come.

Prevention Advisors'  Principle has decades of experience assisting both large and small Companies with preventing loss and enhancing security readiness.

We are subject matter experts having spent our careers in the business world delivering real  Loss Prevention, Safety, and Security solutions.




Loss Prevention, Safety and Security Management Consulting Services 

Operational Audits

We'll bring a lazer-like focus to policies, procedures, and process to identify deficiencies. We interview staff to understand what they really ​do when performing their jobs. 



Our success is rooted in finding practical, workable, and effective solutions that mesh with the way clients do ​their  business. 

​The consultants at Prevention Advisors  integrate flexible, effective solutions into our Client's own business processes so they add value, reduce risk, strengthen controls, and can be embedded in the way they do business.  

Preventing losses is a Team Sport -- our training programs engage all stakeholders -- from the top leadership to the newest employee -- to be aware of risks, take precautions in their jobs to prevent, and then if necessary;  be ready to respond and take action properly.



Risk Assessments

Identify your risks and security vulnerabilities. Understand the impacts to your business.  Prioritize your response.   We'll plan a roadmap to deal with them. 

Prevention Advisors knows from real-life experience that effective prevention solutions for your goods, your people, and your business requires a  cross-functional, integrated approach.

A comprehensive risk prevention plan should consider:

  • Physical  Security
  • Protective Equipment
  • Data Analysis
  • Incident Tracking
  • Policy & Procedure Review
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fraud controls

And should include other business partners, like;

  • Store Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Facilities
  • Construction
  • Social Media
  • Legal
  • Training


Loss Prevention Structure

We'll help you decide the best security and loss prevention organizational structure for your business.


We'll evaluate existing controls, equipment, and practices and recommend flexible solutions. Our goal is to reduce loss, improve security and help drive  operational excellence.